Looking for Tales of Graces roleplayers.



Hey all,
I’ll admit I have pretty much no idea how to go about this or whether people even advertise for this kind of thing, but I’m looking for others who’d like to roleplay Tales of Graces f stuff (or even crossovers) with me. I figured if I went ahead and tagged this, then hopefully it’d reach someone else out there who’s interested. :)b

The characters I’m most confident with right now are Asbel Lhant, Richard, and Lambda, so if you’d like to play against any of those three, please consider messaging me. (I can provide references!)

As for content, I’d be willing to tackle random scenarios, betweenquels, post-game stuff, AUs, bad end, crack, shenanigans, adventure, comedy, drama, angst, mystery, paperwork, memory loss, shippy-fluff/friendy-fluff, curry-eating contests, disco parties—okay, yeah, you get the idea.

Anyway, thanks in advance for reading this and for your time! I appreciate it.

Sorry for the confusion, but I decided it would probably be better if I made a separate primary account for RP stuff so I can follow everyone back.

((I haven’t RPed on Pascal’s account in a while, but if any of your muses want to talk to her she’d be more than happy to have them!))

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